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Reviews & Testimonials.

See what clients are saying about Peek A Boo.

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I just wanted to thank Jackie and Tiffany from the bottom of my heart. You were so kind to help me with an appointment next week, when you didn’t have to. My mom has terminal cancer, and she will be so excited to see her first grandbaby…I can’t even express what it means to me that you both were so wonderful. I’m just in tears with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Patricia Y.


I had an amazing experience at PeekABoo! They fit me in the same day and did an amazing job, determined that I was having a little boy and were extremely nice! I later went to different 3d imaging provider and did not feel nearly as comfortable as I did at PeekAboo nor were the quality of the images even close to as clear as the ones I had done at PeekABoo… I will be going back again for sure!!  Would recommend to anyone and have multiple friends headed to the see them as well!

Megan G.


I emailed Peek a Boo when I was 12 weeks because I wanted to make sure baby had a heartbeat. They got me in that same day, and welcomed my 16 month old. The waiting area was comfortable with plenty of seating and lots of toys for little ones. I managed to talk my husband into buying a heartbeat buddy, which was $35. Both my husband and my younger daughter push the button several times a day just to hear “baby bean’s” heartbeat. The ultrasound itself was amazing, and brought me to tears. The images were so amazing and clear, especially considering how early in pregnancy I am. Baby was moving around, and just seeing him/her put my mind at ease instantly. I finally feel as though I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy. If we have a third, I will be going to peek a boo for another early peek. I am excited to go back for a 3D ultrasound in a few months to see how much baby bean has changed.

Amanda S.


I cannot express the thanks and gratitude I had for this business! I won a package and went in with my husband and my 2 sons. Our experience was one none of us will ever forget! We found out the gender of our lil GIRL! The boys were very involved and Tiffany was very patient with all the questions that the boys had! WE will be returned for another session when I hit 30 weeks  This is a must when expecting!!

Jessica B.


I absolutely loved my experience at PeekABoo3D! I got the pair of peeks package and I went for the first time at 18 weeks to find out the gender and from the moment I got there it was great! The facility is very clean and bright and from walking in the staff was welcoming to me and all my friends and family as well as very friendly and very helpful with any questions. The sonogram was beyond my expectations! The room is spacious to accomodate all my friends and family and I LOVED the big screen used to view the sonogram! The ultrasound tech is wonderful too and revealed the gender and assured me multiple times that indeed we were having a girl (as I was in shock lol)! She was patient and I enjoyed listening to her show me the different body parts and answering my questions. Their packages are well priced and they offer so many different options including a heartbeat bear which I love! I 110% recommend PeekABoo3D over any other place! Its the best experience and when I have another, I am definitely going to go back!!!

Victoria F.


I enjoyed my experience with Peek a boo. Before I went to get my 3D sonogram I did quite a bit searching around with price comparisons, compared to most places around the area they definetly had the best price for what you received. What I will treasure most is the sound of the baby’s heartbeat they recorded and placed into a stuffed animal for me to take home. The stuffed animal is now enjoyed by my 9 month old baby boy, my son hearing the sound of his heartbeat definetly calms him down  I do suggest that when you go to an appointment go when it is at a time when you feel your baby move most. My appointment, unfortunately, was for 9:00am on a Saturday, and the baby barely moved, as he was tired or just waking up:) The individual who did my sonogram was very pleasant to deal with and tried everything possible to get the baby to move around. I very much recommend going to Peek a Boo if you are looking for 3D imaging for your unborn child, and I will definetly be returning when my 2nd baby is on the way. 

Jessica P.


We had an amazing time at PeekaBoo 3D:) The staff was very friendly and helpful. We brought 10 people with us and they were so good to all of us. My little man was not cooperating so well during the first half hour session, so they told us to go have some lunch, eat something sweet to wake him up, and come on back the same day to get re-scanned! The pictures and dvd turned out so good and we have enjoyed them the whole pregnancy. We also got a heartbeat buddy that makes my mom in law cry everytime she squeezes it:) I would highly recommend this place to all of my pregnant friends!

Jenny Y.


My husband and I found out that he had a business trip scheduled when our one and only military ultrasound was scheduled and I was super bummed that I would have to wait and do the whole envelope thing so we could find out the gender together. On a whim, I called late on a Friday evening to see if by chance they had any weekend appointments, lucky me they were able to fit me in the next morning so we could find out the gender of our little bean!!!! The appointment was on time and the staff was friendly. Couldn’t ask for more!!!

Jamie R.


My experience with PeekAboo3D is amazing. I would give it a 10 out of 5 stars. Not only was Tiffany so sweet, but she was also very understanding. We were coming from over an hour away and we hit an accident and rain and traffic and ended up being 45 minutes late…she stayed late just to make sure we were able to get these memories and she did it with a smile on her face. She called and rearranged her evening plans just to get us in. Then, once we were there it was so laid back and easy going. She makes sure to get the best shots and the overall experience was amazing. The room is so beautiful and comfortable and it wasn’t just for me, but for my husband and the grandparents of our baby boy. With an actual bed, and sofas and a huge projection screen..I will ALWAYS go back to PeekAboo3D for my ultrasounds!!!

Samantha G.


I loved every minute of my experience with PeekABoo3D! This facility has great pricing for such precious memories and 3D pictures of your unborn child- to me that’s priceless and I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment or even a baby shower at there facility… Yes, they offer there space for showers which is GREAT.

Brooke C.


LOVE IT!! The best place to have your ultrasound done. They are the cheapest 3d/4d around & they do great work. The room you have it done in is AMAZING. Huge room with couches plenty of space for the whole family. Very friendly staff Cant wait to go back & take my 2 little girls to see their baby sister !!

Amanda L.


I came to PeekABoo3D looking to find a unique baby shower gift for my best friend and I walked out as a happy customer. Tiffaney and her staff were very friendly and helpful, as well as an informative website that was easy and fun to look through. When I first started looking at the packages for my friend, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to find something since she was 35 weeks but PeekABoo3D offers a package called The Late Peek and it was PERFECT! It was a great package at a great price. What I also loved is that I was able to add on to the package as well as my friend and her family if they wanted to. After my friends appointment, she said she had a great experience there and enjoyed that special moment with her husband. I will continue to refer my friends to PeekABoo3D!

Kirsty C.


I had an ultrasound done at Peekaboo 3D at 24 weeks and had such a wonderful experience. The environment is very cozy. The technician is actually the owner of the business and has done such a wonderful job. I love the way the table is not just a cold sterile doctors table but is made to look like a cute and cozy bed. The projection screen is amazing. Lots of people can come with you and that is a very nice thing to offer. You do not have to strain your neck trying to see what is on a tiny monitor. Anyone who has had a straight up medical ultrasound knows that they care more about getting their specific images than what we can see. At Peekaboo 3D they make sure that you get to see your baby and see him/her well. Plus, you get to take the whole experience home with you on disc! I’ve enjoyed watching my little one many times over the past few weeks. I’m so excited to go back for a second visit (my husband got me the “pair of peeks” for my Birthday). I will definitely be recommending them to all the expectant mommies I know.

Jennifer N.


I was very indecisive (like I am about everything) about whether or not it was worth it to pay for an elective ultrasound. After a rocky start to my 2nd pregnancy thanks to hyperemesis and the doctors using the word ‘twins’ but not too concerned about doing an ultrasound until 20 weeks to see, I was growing more and more nervous as the days went by. I started researching elective ultrasound businesses around the Charlottesville area and was surprised to see that there were none! Luckily, we were in the process of moving and still owned our house in Locust Grove (not too far from Fredericksburg). I told myself that if I called and they had an opening that Saturday that I was going to take it as a sign that I should go. They had an opening and we scheduled our visit! My husband and I were very pleased with PeekABoo3D and their professionalism and ultimately were so very happy that we chose to go! We felt extremely comfortable with Tiffaney and she took her time explaining everything to us and allowing us time to see our little one. We left with some great pictures to show our family and my husband couldn’t resist buying the Turtle Heartbeat Buddy for our 2.5 year old daughter. It was the jump start of me shifting my focus on how miserable I felt with morning sickness to being super excited about becoming a mommy of 2 girls. Definitely a memory I won’t ever forget 

Ashley W.


We absolutely love PeekABoo, as well as Tiff and Jackie! We had our first ultrasound with them at 12 weeks, and went about 3 more times after that. We also went for gender determination at 15 weeks and found out we were having a boy within seconds of starting! The staff is always professional and so nice. The office is clean and adorable. The pricing is very affordable. They offer PeekABoo Live, where our family in other states were able to watch our session on their computers! That was so awesome! I would recommend PeekABoo to my pregnant friends, and actually have even recommended them to strangers!

Katelyn K.



My husband and I were so pleased with the results of our 3d/4d ultrasound! In the beginning my husband thought it’d be a waste of time and money, because friends of ours had a bad experience with their 3d/4d elsewhere. You proved him wrong!! He’s so happy we did it now, and our friends and family are amazed at how clear the photos are, and the amount of photos we received. You’ve made us even more excited to meet our little Maddison, something we didn’t know was possible.  You will see more of me in the future! Thanks for doing a awesome job!

Michelle W.


I had my Baby Shower at PeekABoo and it was wonderful! The facility is very nicely decorated and has plenty of room for people! Tiffany and Jackie where very friendly and accommodating. Tiffany is an awesome ultrasound tech and took excellent pictures! I would highly recommend PeekABoo to anyone looking for 3D/4D services. The experience was great!

Angela C.


I went to PeekABoo yesterday to see my little peanut and determine the gender. I honestly have to say this is the best place I’ve been to hands down! When you first come in you get that welcome feel and it smells like baby powder!  i bought the heartbeat buddy and all of my family loved it and thought it was the cutest thing.l felt so comfortable while Tiffaney was doing my ultrasound. She was so friendly. I will definitely be going back for more sessions! Thank you PeekABoo for making my experience a memorable one!

Mario R.


I love this place!!! I would go everyday if I could and see my baby .. It’s truly amazing

Ashley W.


Tiffany and staff are very friendly and nice, but also professional. She didn’t make me feel rushed, and I still cannot believe that I have my precious angel on a DVD for 15 whole minutes. The other day I fell asleep watching her. It was truly an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see her again in July. Would recommend over ANY other place – nothing but good reviews here 

Lacoya H.


I absolutely love the BIG screen they project the baby on! I felt so comfortable along with my family and friends as we watched every move she made! Every moment was a memory and what better place to start special memories than here! LOVED IT!

Jessica H.


What an amazing facility… so clean and inviting! Tiffaney and her staff are warm, welcoming and knowledgeable, made me feel right at home. They have so many items and price points to choose from, who knew? While I didnt have the ultrasound done for me personally, I highly recommend it as a unique gift for the mom-to-be! PeekABoo Live? Genius!! A perfect option for the dad, grandparent, or in my case the aunt who couldnt be there in person. I will definitely recommend to friends and family!!!



Our Peek-a-Boo appointment was a wonderful experience. The sonogram is done in a large room with a wrap-around couch, big enough for extended family. I was on a comfy bed, not a hospital exam bed. Even though the bed was a little short for me, I was very comfortable. The image is projected onto the wall so it is very large, so as to not miss any important details. Our technician was very professional and made sure that this appointment was all about me, my husband, and our new baby. She explained what we were seeing without being intrusive into our special moment. Overall, we loved Peek-a-Boo and can’t wait to take our families back to share this experience with them.



PeekABoo3D was a great experience for me. It is very welcoming for mommy's to be. They were on time and seemed excited about giving me the ultrasound. The dvd, pictures, and gift bag are all of value and came out great. I highly recommend this for mommy s and daddy s.



We had a wonderful experience at Peekaboo 3D! I was able to take family of all ages with me to share. They were all comfortable on a large couch while I was on a bed. The setup makes you feel at home, comfortable and private. Tiffaney is the most professional, friendly and sincere technician in town! The quality of the experience, pictures, DVD and other goods is well worth the value. I will and have recommended Peekaboo to everyone I can.

Daphne F.


Definitely a wonderful and amazing experience! Tiffaney is fantastic and has an exceptional set up that makes it extremely comfortable and enjoyable while watching your little one on the wall! It's amazing and I recommend it to everyone pregnant I meet. It is a once in a lifetime experience!

Tara K.


Love PeekABoo3d/4d ultrasounds! Great prices and you get what you came for, amazing photos of your unborn child. Nice people a very great experience I recommend all my friends to go there!!! Loved it!

Carolyn I.


I’ve been to peek-a-boo THREE times. Once for myself, once for my little sister, & once for my Bestfriend. Every time I’ve had the BEST service, & best connections with the ladies that work there.  Tiffaney Ballard is by far, the most wonderful person to view your little one with. She’s very sweet, & takes as much time needed, to get the perfect picture of your baby for you. Overall, Peek-A-Boo is amazing. I’d recommend them to anyone. Especially, over Sneek A Peek. Much better connection & rates at Peek A Boo!

Erin B.



We had a great experience at Peek A Boo. Tiffaney went out of her way to squeeze us in. My babies will have a video and pictures of themselves when they are older. My children, family n friends were able to hear my baby’s heart beats and see what they will look like!

Maribel O.



My husband and I took our three kids to PeekABoo to see the baby in my belly, and find out the gender. The staff was super friendly, and was happy to see our family. The sitting area was really pretty, and comfortable with a huge couch for us to all sit on. We didn’t have a wait time. They brought us right back, and we were surprised at the large room. There was plenty of sitting area, and a huge screen on the wall, where everyone could see our baby boy! You could tell Tiffany enjoyed her job by the way she explained everything, and I could tell because she was just as into it as we were. It was an EXCELLENT experience. If I ever get pregnant again, I want to go back 

The Mitchell Family


My husband and I were worried that a gender determination at only 15 weeks might be impossible. Apparently anything is possible. We’re having a GIRL! Everyone was extremely helpful and very nice. We were VERY impressed. I can’t wait to bring my family back for our second ultrasound. Thank you!!!

Brianna G.


I had the most wonderful experience! I was so happy and overwhelmed to see my baby’s face for the first time. The staff here is so nice and made my experience extremely pleasant. They were more than helpful in answering my questions, and making me feel comfortable. Thank you so much for this wonderful, treasured moment!

Jessica B.


Having an ultrasound done at Peek-A-Boo was such an amazing experience. The office is absolutely beautifully adorned with lots of fun decorations. The atmosphere is so calming, and the actual sonogram room is very big, yet relaxing. Even though I went by myself, the room could easily fit 20 or more guests. The large screen that shows the live ultrasound, is awesome and something you don’t get to experience in a regular doctor’s office. The staff is so friendly, and welcoming as well! Tiffany did a great job of getting my little man to cooperate. She took her time, and made sure we got the best images he would allow! She is so sweet and you can tell she absolutely loves her job! It was such a special moment to see him moving around, and all his sweet facial expressions. I can not thank Tiffany and Peek-a-Boo enough, for creating such a perfect experience! You get my highest recommendation! Thank you so much and I can not wait to have one last appointment before his arrival!

Alix G.


I first attended PeekABoo, because I was eager to see how much my little baby had grown. Little did I know…when I stepped in the door it was the most comfortable, and adorable space I’d ever seen! There wasn’t a long wait, and the sonogram room was even better than the waiting room! Seeing my little one displayed across the giant wall was absolutely breathtaking. I would spend all day there, if I could! Their prices are excellent, especially for what I got to experience! Tiffaney & her sister are wonderful! I highly recommend going to PeekABoo! It’s WORTH every penny!

Brittni G.


If I could sum up one word for PeekABoo, it would be AMAZING. The staff is very friendly, and they have created a warm environment. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Stephany and Nick A.



My experience with PeekABoo3D was AMAZING! I just walked in there one day, without an appt, and they took me right back into a huge room with the most comfortable bed! I went to find out what the sex of the baby was! She gave me a lot of sonogram pictures, and announced that it was a GIRL! My son and daughter were with me, and they both cried! My son cried because it was a girl and my daughter cried because she was happy it was a girl! I got a lot of pictures and purchased a heartbeat buddy, which is sooo cute!! The staff was very nice, and made me feel right at home. The lobby is adorable!

Heather M.


In June of 2012, I won an ultrasound with PeekABoo3D through a contest that they ran on Facebook. I wasn’t due until December, and they were very patient with me about waiting until I was further along. I finally got to go in September, and it was such a great experience! My little girl didn’t want to cooperate at first, but she was very patient and let me go grab a smoothie to try to wake her up! Afterwards, I got a great look at my little girl, and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time! There’s nothing like “seeing” your baby before actually being able to see him/her. I highly recommend PeekABoo3D to every expecting mother out there. You won’t be disappointed!

Amber W.
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