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Meet Our

Experienced Staff.

Family is first at Peek A Boo! When you visit our studio, you will be greeted by friendly staff members
who are looking forward to sharing the first of many special memories to come, with you and
your little bundle of joy. Meet our experienced and friendly staff below. 

"There is no greater joy to me than seeing and hearing the excitement from families seeing their little one for the first time, and to know that I am a big part of that." - Tiffaney

Tiffaney Ballard


Peek A Boo 3D has been serving the Fredericksburg area and surrounding areas since 2012. Tiffaney Ballard is the Owner/Operator of Peek A Boo and is from King George, Virginia.  She is married and a mother of one.

Tiffaney is an experienced and trained medical Sonographer. She is currently a Registered Technologist in Radiology with the ARRT.  Although, it is not necessary for a 3d/4d business, she will obtain a certification with the ARDMS. She is a member of the ASRT and SDMS Professional Associations.  Prior to opening Peek A Boo, Tiffaney worked at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer performing OB, Abdomen, Vascular, Musculoskeletal/Small Parts, and Breast ultrasounds.  She is a highly qualified and trained medical Sonographer.

Tiffaney is dedicated to delivering exceptional ultrasound experiences to expectant mothers through her elective ultrasound business and has developed a solid reputation in the community as the premier ultrasound studio.  OB ultrasounds have become Tiffaney's passion through the years. Inspired from her experiences as a sonographer, she set out to create the area's #1 Ultrasound Studio - Peek A Boo 3D.



Office Manager

Jackie, Tiffaney’s sister, and is also from King George. She is a mom of 4, including identical twin boys. Jackie is trained as a CNA, CMA, and EMT. In her spare time, she likes to read, and run rescue.  Jackie has been trained through an online ultrasound training course program, and has been scanning ultrasound at PeekABoo since 2014.  She does continuing education every year on all of her certifications, including ultrasound. 

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