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Add a Special Touch to Your Baby’s Nursery With Ultrasound Photos and Other Special Touches

Decorating the nursery for a new baby is something almost every couple looks forward to. With so many baby room ideas, it can be hard to decide the theme or color scheme you want to choose. You can also make your baby’s nursery a special and comfortable place for the whole family by adding ultrasounds photos and other personal touches to the room. Here are some suggestions.


Many parents choose to use a light and gender neutral color such as pale yellow or green for their nursery. Others choose to go with a shade of pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. If you cannot decide on a color, keep the nursery white or a light shade of brown. These colors will work well with almost all decorations and themes.

Wallpaper or Border

To help create a specific theme or design, parents often use wallpaper or border with various images printed on it. Popular designs include dinosaurs, jungle animals, teddy bears and other animals. Match the border or wallpaper to your paint color for the best results.


You want your baby to have photos in his or her room so why not add photos of their ultrasounds? You can get 3D, 4D and even 5D ultrasound photos taken and then hang them in the nursery. As your baby gets older, it will notice the photos. They are also nice to look at while you are in the nursery caring for your baby, rocking it to sleep, or just cleaning up.

Wall and Shelf Décor

Complete the look and design of your nursery by adding small decorations to the walls and shelves of the room. Choose simple artwork that contains bright colors and patterns that are easy for babies to notice. Knickknacks, piggy banks and baskets add small details to the room and help tie everything together. You can also add heartbeat buddies, which are adorable stuffed animals that play your baby’s heartbeat. Not only are they an adorable decoration to add to any nursery, they are also precious keepsakes.

Only you know what is best for your baby, so trust your instincts and choose the colors and decoration you think your baby would like best when decorating the nursery. You can always change things as the baby grows and begins to grow and express his or her interests. If you want to add some personal touches, be sure to get your ultrasound photos taken so you will have them to frame and display in the nursey.

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Dec 20, 2022

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